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The Author

Hello. My name is Aaron Menenberg and I’m a vitaholic. I live in Arlington, Virginia where I work in politics and attempt to make Virginia wine from time to time. It’s not very glamorous, you really do spend 90% of your time cleaning things (much like in politics).

Beyond what I write in these pages, I suggest you get second, third, fourth and even fifth opinions when it comes to the incredibly subjective world of wine. These are some of the websites I go to frequently to see what informed and thoughtful people are saying about wine:

Terriorist.com: daily wine news roundups, great wine reviews, winemaker interviews and more.

Washington Wine Report:  personal website of Wine Enthusiast’s Washington and Idaho wine reviewer featuring, among other things, Northwest wine news roundups.

The Gray Report: personal website of multitalented wine journalist and reviewer  W. Blake Gray.

Lettie Teague in the Wall Street Journal: a lot of everything.

Wine Economist: Mike Veseth’s website where he offers an economist’s perspective on the wine industry.

Washington Wine Blog: intrepid reporting on Northwest wine.

You can also see my wine reviews on Cellartracker.com.