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The Author

Hello. My name is Aaron Menenberg and I’m a vitaholic. I live in Arlington, Virginia where I work in politics and attempt to make Virginia wine from time to time. It’s not very glamorous, you really do spend 90% of your time cleaning things (much like in politics).

Beyond what I write in these pages, I suggest you get second, third, fourth and even fifth opinions when it comes to the incredibly subjective world of wine. These are some of the websites I go to frequently to see what informed and thoughtful people are saying about wine:

Terriorist.com: daily wine news roundups, great wine reviews, winemaker interviews and more.

Washington Wine Report:  personal website of Wine Enthusiast’s Washington and Idaho wine reviewer featuring, among other things, Northwest wine news roundups.

The Gray Report: personal website of multitalented wine journalist and reviewer  W. Blake Gray.

Lettie Teague in the Wall Street Journal: a lot of everything.

Wine Economist: Mike Veseth’s website where he offers an economist’s perspective on the wine industry.

Washington Wine Blog: intrepid reporting on Northwest wine.

You can also see what’s aging in my cellar and my wine reviews on Cellartracker.com.

The Photographer


Hannah Kiem also likes wine. Her palate was born at Cornell University where she took a very serious wine course and learned all about the aroma wheel, wine regions and labels. Since then her wine world has expanded as she drinks her way through Aaron’s cellar. Not only inclined to rattle off tasting notes from first sip, Hannah also enjoys taking photographs on wine adventures with Aaron and many of those featured on Good Vitis are her work.