Swirl, sniff, sip. Good Vitis.

The Good Vitis Wine Blog

About Good Vitis

Good Vitis is an effort to document and share one man’s journey to find as much good wine as he can. The journey began when a neighbor introduced him to some very, very good stuff. The interest became a hobby and now a passion.

What is “good” vitis?

Vitis is the Latin word for “grape.” Good wine is a mission well-executed. I don’t believe that you need to spend $50 to get a good wine, though a good $50 wine will beat a good $20 bottle. Still, the reality is that there are a lot of bad $50 bottles and a lot of good $20 bottles, and the challenge is finding the good $50 and $20 bottles while avoiding the bad versions of both. The holy grail is when you open a bottle that overdelivers on what it is meant to be. The $9 Borsao grenache, a well-executed wine for mass production, global distribution and real consistency year-to-year, qualifies as much as the $200 Ridge Monte Bello, a master class in the Bordeaux-style blend category that reflects its terrior and vintage. Both of these are good vitis.